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Advantages of Leasing and Investing in Dubai

Are you wondering whether it is worth leasing in Dubai or investing in a business there? Worry not! Being one of the pioneering, hyper-connected, and internationally acclaimed pro-business hubs, Dubai offers promising opportunities for global traders to expand their business in the Middle East. With the world’s biggest wholesale market, the sixth busiest international airport, and the largest artificial Jabel Ali Port, having a constant increase in cargo containers, the city has become the centre of attraction for entrepreneurs all over the world to have business in Dubai. Thanks to the liberal business policy of the UAE government that encourages foreign traders and companies to invest and contribute to mutual growth and development. 

Additionally, you will get leasehold commercial properties in Dubai at an affordable cost compared to the other popular business cities worldwide. The country boasts of being one of the top shopping destinations. Hence, having a business opportunity here can lead your company to the next level generating more revenue. Also, you will get easy accessibility to foreign trade license ownership, effortless repatriation of capital and profit, availability of skilled and unskilled labour, and many other facilities that will guarantee the utmost success for your business. Here are the advantages of leasing commercial shops or stores in Dubai:

  • Cost-effective: Leasing is not very expensive; it helps you invest more in your business. Also, you don’t have to worry about extra costs like mechanical system replacement, structural repairs, etc. The world-famous urban established ecosystem called the Souk Al Marfa that the city has offers attractive deals like budget-friendly base establishment without any local sponsor, minimal government charges, and many more. So, why wait? Grab the opportunity before it’s gone!
  • Flexible: A lease is renewable. After the expiry of the lease tenure, you can evaluate the business requirements and decide freely; whether to renew the Agreement for the next term or to relocate for further business expansion.
  • Prime location: As a centre of trade and commerce, chances are high for quick selling of properties at prime business locations in Dubai, and to buy a shop, you might have to go to places far from the central area. However, taking a store on a lease can enable you to start your business amidst multiple clusters.

Investment in Dubai Business: Benefits you reap!

Renowned for its luxurious and state-of-art architecture, the city of Dubai is no way behind in terms of contribution to the world economy. Investing in a business in Dubai is a significant choice in itself. The following are benefits you obtain:

  • Progressing Economy: One of the vital factors that an investor may consider before planning to invest in a foreign country is whether or not the country has a developing economy. From that point of view, Dubai ensures a promising future for your business.
  • Centre of tourist attraction: As a seat of tourist attraction, the city of Dubai welcomes almost 16.73 million tourists per year. It also arranges many art and cultural celebrations like Dubai International Film Festival and Dubai Jazz Festival alongside various sporting events, assuring enhanced trade opportunities as the travellers visit the spectacular tourist spots during their trip.
  • Business opportunities: The city is proud to have the world’s most traditional and largest souks or marketplaces, famous for gold, spices, and perfumes. Besides, the recently inaugurated Souk Al Marfa, the largest waterfront wholesale market situated at the heart of Dubai, is a center of massive mercantile trade. With its proximity to Dubai harbor, airport, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates, the Souk AL Marfa is the logistics hub, providing global smart end-to-end supply chain logistics. So, you can invest and strive in your business tension-free. 
  • Safety and Security: Popular in the world as a safe city with negligible crime rates and an effective legal system, Dubai is a great place to start and grow your business without any fear of theft or other kinds of financial loss.
  • No Tax: It is advantageous to have a business in Dubai as the government does not impose any personal income tax, capital gains, or withholding tax. If you are a foreign investor having trade relations with Dubai, you are allowed 100% foreign ownership apart from the ten-year VISA on residence in the country.


Is the Souk Al Marfa a one-stop shopping center?

Yes, The Souk Al Marfa is the largest one-stop wholesale market. 

Will I get banking facilities joining with the Souk Al Marfa? 

Yes, you will get effortless banking facilities.

Can small business owners join the Souk Al Marfa?

Yes. Small business owners can benefit from starting their business at the Souk Al Marfa.


Are you still wondering whether or not you should have a business branch in Dubai? Gear up! Visit Souk Al Marfa’s official website and contact them soon for shops leasing in Dubai.