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Best Small Business Ideas in Dubai

Dubai is known for its investment-friendly business environment, which helped many foreign investors become successful entrepreneurs, each of them growing rapidly in their industry. Dubai is the perfect place for small, medium and big companies and businesses, as reflected by the most recent data from Dubai’s business licence-issuing body, the Department of Economic Development (DED). The data shows that business licences issued increased by 4% in 2020.

So, if you want to start a small business in Dubai, continue reading to discover some of the best small business ideas to start in the city, so you choose the one that suits your vision best and proceed with registration procedures.

Ideas for Establishing a Small Business in Dubai

Do you want to start a low-investment business in Dubai? Are you searching for the most profitable business ideas in Dubai? Here are some ideas you should consider.

  • IT Solutions

While many businesses in Dubai have already gone digital, few are yet to accomplish the transformation target. COVID-19 forced most business activities to turn digital, overcoming challenges faced due to the pandemic. But since not all businesses have achieved this transformation, now is the perfect time to start an IT solutions company.

Dubai Internet City (DIC) and Dubai Media City (DMC) were established to promote and set up the IT sector in Dubai. The demand for digitalisation is increasing and IT companies are required to deliver various digital services and solutions. Additionally, many industries like healthcare, banking, and hospitality require IT companies to provide up-to-date solutions.

IT Solution companies provide many services, including web-based solutions, such as web development, content management, eCommerce sites, customer relationship management, etc., in addition to mobile-based solutions, such as app development, social media integrations, and more.

Since many industries in Dubai constantly need IT services to keep themselves up to date with modern business life requirements, they are considered one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai now.

  • Fashion and Beauty Brands

Dubai is known for its glitz and glamour. The world’s leading fashion and beauty brands have expanded to the Dubai market, making shopping in this high-end city a unique experience for everyone, whether in-store, online, or through pop-up shops. In addition, designing, tailoring, and fashion consultations are becoming huge in Dubai.

In other words, Dubai offers the best fashion market and resources for haute couture to local brands and everything in between. So, it is no surprise that innovative business ideas in this field are the most profitable business ideas in Dubai. 

  • Restaurants 

Restaurants are one of the most profitable businesses in Dubai, as the Emirate’s popularity as the region’s culinary destination is now parallel to major cities such as New York, Paris, and London. So, investors are constantly exploring new ideas for their customers.

As per a 2018 report on the food and beverages industry, Dubai ranked fourth globally for its attractiveness for investments in this field. It also hosts the annual Gulfood Festival, the world’s largest F&B exhibition, and the Dubai Food Festival, a city-wide food festival showcasing the city’s growing food scene.

  • Cloud Kitchens

It is true that food is a basic necessity, and even more true that the pandemic has changed how people choose to dine. With the new mindset of customers preferring to eat in rather than out and with the rise of work-from-home employment, Dubai has witnessed an increase in food aggregators and cloud kitchens. Are you looking for an unconventional yet profitable small business idea in Dubai? Establishing a cloud kitchen may be just the one for you!

  • eCommerce Solutions

Among successful small business ideas in Dubai, eCommerce solutions are the best. Since the start of COVID-19, and even continuing after the major peak, eCommerce solutions have been booming. So, starting an eCommerce business in Dubai will surely grant you lots of success and clients. Unlike investments in most industries, starting an eCommerce solutions company is an excellent low-investment business in Dubai.

  • Travel and Tourism Agencies 

Since Dubai is already one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and due to the increasing number of tourists each year, new tourist attractions are constantly established in the Emirate, making the environment attractive for setting up travel and tourism agencies and businesses if they’re your cup of tea.

  • Consultancy Services

You may have a qualification that allows you to start a small business in Dubai; it could be a degree in psychology or nutrition or any other qualification officially recognising your skills in certain areas, such as interpersonal or writing skills. Now is the time to use these skills and turn them into a business in Dubai!

On a final note, if you’d like to establish this business online, keep in mind that online businesses also need to be registered in Dubai. Additionally, it is essential to have higher education in the same field as the consulting company you’re establishing.

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