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Business Ideas in Dubai with Low Investment

For ambitious entrepreneurs, Dubai is one of the lucrative destinations for bringing to fruition the best business ideas in Dubai and expanding their business, taking it to the next level.

Thanks to the cooperative Emirate that has created a comfortable business culture, allowing foreign trade and opportunities to benefit the country itself and the foreign investors. 

Whatever your business idea, you can easily start it with minimal paperwork, including nominal government charges for starting a business. You also do not need any local sponsor and can continue your business in the Free Zones with absolute business ownership.

If you are searching for the best business to do in Dubai, first find the perfect commercial space to begin your business. Of course, you can opt for buying one, but as a foreign trader, it might become hard to find a business property in Dubai instantly.

That is why renting or taking a property on lease is the best option to seek. Dubai has the largest waterfront wholesale marketplace, the Souk Al Marfa, located at Deira Island, stretching over 1.9 kilometres. 

This indoor market has more than seven thousand shops and pavilions, including showrooms, small kiosks etc. 

Located close to the airport and harbour, this waterfront market offers easy business policies at an affordable price range, ensuring growth opportunities if you are looking for a business to start in Dubai.

Low-Investment Business Ideas To Start Your Business In Dubai

You can actualise your dream of beginning your business in Dubai with no hefty investment. The following are some low-budget business ideas to start your business venture:

  • Restaurants & Catering: Known for its ultramodern architecture and luxury shopping, Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. The city welcomes guests throughout the year. 

As a result, it can be an excellent place for starting your restaurant and catering business. Serving food lovers special delicacies from all over the world can undoubtedly take your business to the zenith of success. 

Are you wondering how to get a commercial property for opening your restraint? Visit the Souk Al Marfa website to know the facilities they provide.

  • Bakery & Cake Shop: The next one on our list of low investment business ideas in Dubai is opening a bakery-cum-cake shop. 

Who doesn’t love cakes, cookies and pastries? If you are passionate about baking, go forth and win people’s hearts with your delicious baked treats.

Of course, make the products available at competitive rates and increase the production as you notice an upsurge in sales.

  • Food Delivery: Dubai is the home to many international students, countless immigrant workers, bachelors and expats – most of which depend on home-delivered food. Hence, a food delivery business is another option to seek if you have decided to start a business in Dubai.
  • Legal Consultation: Law in every country can be quite complex; a minor mistake can land a person in great trouble.

Undeniably, Dubai citizens, expats and various small and large business organisations require valuable legal advice in their day-to-day lives to avoid falling into a legal pit hole.

If you are a practising legal professional in the UAE, consider starting a legal consultancy firm (with due approval, of course).

  • Business Consultation: Besides legal consultation, other business ideas in Dubai include opening a Business Consultation Agency. 

From novice entrepreneurs to resident traders, everyone needs the proper guidance and support to bring their hard work to fruition. If you have years of experience in business consultancy and are proficient in entrepreneurial skills, take advantage of this business opportunity.

  • IT & Digital marketing: In this age of digitisation, if you are looking for low-budget business ideas in Dubai, target IT and digital marketing business. 

For present-day business ventures, having a digital presence is like having a proper oxygen supply. Thus, grab the opportunity and begin your digital marketing business if you have apt knowledge about the digital world.

  • Boutique: Are you a fashion enthusiast? Opening your boutique can be the best business to do in Dubai. Do not bother about obtaining commercial premises as you will get to shop on lease at the Souk Al Marfa within your cost-effective budget.
  • Salons: Another easy-to-set-up low investment business idea is to launch Beauty Salon and Spa Centre. 

Dubai attracts numerous tourists every year; who visit the great malls and shopping centres. Starting a business at Souk Al Marfa will not only bring in local customers but will also draw foreign visitors. 


Developed in association with the Nakheel Malls and DP World, the global supply chain logistics, the Souk Al Marfa is a centralised one-stop shop to realise your successful business ideas in Dubai. 

Are you ready to kickstart your business idea in Dubai? Don’t wait; reach out now!